The M&A process is a lot like matchmaking in the dating world. For a successful merger or acquisition to occur, the buyer and the seller must make sure the other party checks all the boxes, otherwise it could spell disaster.

How We Help

Our expertise includes the most complex matters that occur with filings in multiple jurisdictions around the globe. Global law firms involved in antitrust regulatory review, as well as multinational corporations considering transactions, engage us for our advisory services that cover the entire scope of activity within the M&A life cycle. For these clients, we regularly analyze competitive effects and benefits, and present evidence before regulatory authorities on both horizontal and vertical deals. Private equity firms also retain us as economists to do market scoping when they are considering transaction possibilities. Our team includes Chartered Business Accountants, Canadian business valuators, multiple MBAs and experienced business leaders.

The M&A process is a lot like matchmaking in the dating world.

Partner with us to benefit from our decades of experience and expertise in:

  • Evaluating competitive effects, efficiencies and benefits of consolidation
  • Comprehensively assessing and defining markets
  • Empirical analyses and assessments of market conditions that affect entry and expansion

We’ll bring together a panel of experts to demystify the process and mitigate the intimidation factor including advice on how to:

  • Find the right opportunities (potential matches)
  • Evaluate opportunities to ensure the perfect match
  • Value opportunities including structuring payment terms
  • Understand and discuss key deal terms early

We recognize that M&A decisions can’t be guided by a single factor alone. Scale, synergy, competition, and price should all be considerations in any transaction—and many successful deal makers don’t limit their activity to targets with similar business models alone.