Canada Business Consulting executives have been working in university and independent lead incubators that have provided mentorship to hundreds of startups every year. With our support, get trained by industry-leading Startup experts to mentor you towards success. Land your dream career in tech. Build something extraordinary. And have fun doing it.

Startup Coaches

Our top-rated and hands-on Startup coaches can help you become successful in your career and in mastering the wildly popular industry skill.

Build something extraordinary.
And have fun doing it.

Startup Experts

Startup experts are available to help you overcome any roadblocks that you have in the path towards success.

Mentoring is a great mechanism for both startup founders and corporate employees to build personal relationships and to explore how they can help each other. The startup ecosystem, after all, is built on networks of people that help each other out. Founders help other founders get customers, talent and raise capital, and investors share deals with other investors and make referrals. This is how you build your reputation and network. In the long run, these all convert into business value and impact.

How mentoring fits into Your operating model:

Venture building

Building new energy and climate businesses.

Venture clienting

Identifying business challenges and piloting with startups to solve those challenges.

Venture or Angel capital

Investing in transition startups and helping them scale.