Canada is where the news technologies come to life. Where values, knowledge and creativity come together to shape the future. Together, we are fostering an innovative ecosystem that connects foreign and domestic ingenuity with initiatives, incentives and funding programs.

The global digital shift is being driven by the desire to push boundaries and make life better. It is a value system shared by leaders and researchers in every field, from decoding the restorative power of stem cells and exploring the principles of quantum mechanics to sustainable development of the ocean frontier and teaching cars to think.

Canada’s innovation agenda is stimulated by the drive to evolve from resources to resourcefulness. Infrastructure now means fast, smart, connected, and the country is emerging as a tech powerhouse. Today, Canada’s tech sector is by far the largest private sector investor in research and development (R&D).

Canada is the next worlds’ tech incubator.

Our company, CBC has successfully placed clients into an incubator stream for successful incubation and acceleration. Before and after pandemic through the live meetings, and with digital conferencing during the pandemic. This opens up to both local Canadian and International investors as a virtual or in person option. Can we do the same for you?