In today’s global economy, many of the growth industries are IP-rich and IP-intensive. Ensuring the right IPframework and incentives are in place for businesses
to effectively leverage their IP at home and abroad is therefore a key contributor to Canada’s economic success.

On the whole, Canada rates well on measures of IP and innovation, and we are seen as having a balanced, fair, and predictable IP system. This is important since Canada is a small open economy that receives a large number of IP applications from around the world. Worldwide IP applications have grown nearly 70% in 10 years to more than 11 million in 20152, while overall global IP rights applications by Canadians grew by 35% from 2005 to 2014.

Canada ranks 2nd in Technological and Economic Value of Patents

Because a robust IP regime is key to maximizing Canada’s potential abroad, as well as attracting foreign investors, CIPO’s efforts will be focussed on supporting the Government’s Innovation and Skills Plan, including the development of a national IP strategy, through a strong agenda of international collaboration and evidence-based policy and program modernization.

Where Canada stands


in Technological and Economic Value of Patents


in obtaining, exploiting, and enforcing IP rights


in innovation quality


in patent filing activity