Canada Business Consulting are members of 5 Angel groups in Canada. Our team will help you properly prepare your pitch, pitch deck, financials and get you seen by top Canadian Angel groups.

Angel investors are wealthy, experienced business people who invest their time and money in high-growth businesses in exchange for equity. They are generally people who have amassed experience, networks and knowledge in an industry. Most are entrepreneurs themselves who’ve been through the highs and lows of managing a business, making their advice invaluable.

Angel investors are often the first to invest in early-stage businesses providing seed funding. That financial contribution also carries a lot of weight with future institutional investors.

CBC are members of 5 Angel groups in Canada.

Angel investors in Canada

There are an estimated 20,000-50,000 individuals or groups in Canada who are actively investing in start-ups.

According to the National Angel Capital Organization (NACO)’s 2021 Report on Angel Investing in Canada, only 6% of entrepreneurs who initially approached structured angel groups for investment received funding. Entrepreneurs who do not receive funding, however, often receive valuable feedback and access to a network that can help them become investment ready. They may also be directed to more appropriate sources of financing.

Angel investing goes beyond simply providing funds to start-up ventures. It is an opportunity to give back to the community and shape the future economy. Unlike Venture Capitalists, Angels are often actively involved in the start-ups they invest in. This difference is what makes Angel investing the rewarding experience that it is.

According to NACO, Angel members have invested $1.38 billion into 2,000 entrepreneurial companies. In all regions of Canada, we work to mobilize angel capital so that entrepreneurs have the financial resources they need to scale and grow world-class companies.

Our company, CBC has successfully placed clients into an Angel stream for successful term-sheet and funding. Before and after pandemic through the live meetings, and with digital conferencing during the pandemic. This opens up to both local Canadian and International investors as a virtual or in person option. Can we do the same for you?